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What does it mean to live Outside of the Box? I mean, literally Outside of the Box… Imagine with me Now …

As humans we have so many possibilities as far as what we create while we are here. Creations come in all shapes & sizes and fit all manner of necessities and desires in lifetimes. There is a creation niche for every life style. The possibilities are truly endless. As it is said, imagination’s the limit.

One thing dear to me is house-making. When I think of “house”, images flow into my mind of all the houses I have seen. There is the house style I grew up around and in: It is boxed and has certain rooms that fill criteria of what a house “is”. There is the kitchen, the sitting room, the living room, the library, the basement, the bedrooms and extra bedrooms, etc. All of these rooms have “feels” to them that dictate what can happen in the room. The sitting room is nice and basically untouched- never put your feet on the couch. The living room has a TV in it, a fire place, we probably eat in there occasionally and put our feet up on the couch whenever we want. The kitchen is, naturally, where the cooking and food storage & prep happens, people congregate and eat in here. Homeowners have guest bedrooms, but usually don’t sleep in them (unless there is a transition in the relationship or someone needs some space or is sick) as they are reserved for guests who come. Etc, the list of “the way things are” goes on. But who makes these rules & why is this what we think of when we conjure the idea of “house”?

On my travels in life, I saw many other versions of “house”: natural cob homes seriously and playfully made of mud, clay, sand, straw and wood, homes that have round walls, homes that are one room with kitchen merging into sitting nook for breakfast merging into a “live TV” of the chicken coop. I have lived in canvas yurts and places without electricity that have cob walls with heart-shaped reliefs for candles. Homes half-finished with manual water-pumps and a swirling cob staircase. I have stayed in mud shacks with dirt floors where the kitchen is its own building detached from the house so that the house doesn’t burn down in case of a kitchen fire. “House” when viewed from this bigger perspective, conjures up a completely different set of images.

In my dream last night, I was invited to live in a house near a college campus in someone’s backyard. It was an old and infamous house that was very thin and long with triangular and rectangular contours. I felt excited to live in this house, even though it wasn’t very practical and its thinness felt a little cramped in certain parts. I felt excited because it was different and every time I was in it, along with feeling a little impractical-ness, I remembered magic. I felt different and this feeling allowed, even encouraged, me to think outside of the box. I felt like I was in a slightly magical house, because it was of a different shape and had its own character in its unique building style. Being in the house reminded me of the magical, literally “out-of-the-box” realities of life. I was no longer “boxed-in” & being in a place that resonated with that thought allowed me to live within my own limitless and unboxed imagination more easily.

I believe it is as simple as this: We imagine a “house” and there is the standard box which comes to mind. But Why? Why is a house a square thing with so many typical rooms with typical feelings? What if stepping out of the box with something so seemingly simple as what kind of house we live in is actually able to propel us individually and ultimately collectively into “living outside of the box” in our daily lives? Imagining What could be instead of living within the mind-set (or set-mind) of What already is and therefore What will continue to be? There is a great need & opportunity Today to create from our imaginations. Building codes can shift over time and as they do nothing is limiting us save our own actually limitless imaginations and beliefs around What is possible….

All One: Love

Write about the people, children of god just like us, who have forgotten. Forgotten their divine rights, forgotten their divine shine. Forgetting that they have all of the power inside.

Listen, everything done outside of you will be a distraction. Everything- any time you seek to gain energy from a source outside of you- it is not the true source, therefore it will leave you. It will not be enough. The everlasting well is within. Nothing- no drug, no person(s), no event, no hobby, no job will ever be enough. Connect with the well-spring from within. These are all good words for us to hear.

We can think that the people living on Skid Row have it worse than us, that they are in dire straits because of their condition- oftentimes drugged up without a buck, pussy inseminated with some unknown john’s seed for a high… this is very sad stuff…. Our siblings, let us look, don’t turn your eye, your heart from this scene. This, too, happens. It will make your heart bigger, this seeing. It will expand you, who you think you are. Yet when we reach for the remote, reach for the beer, reach reach reach for something outside, it is the same as these addicts, though on a smaller scale. The consequences have more time to haunt us, to show… yet, it is no different, really. If we are not connected to the source within, we are the same as these beggars after highs. Searching for the eternal high, can only be found… within.

One dark night of seeing brothers and sisters on their lowest point. Drugged up, no place to go. Not drugged up, one track mind. Such pain and sadness. Right after the injection- relief, but the soul is in such a sad state. Breathe deep. The soul is crying. Our system, listen people, it is true, our system is not made for human beings. It is not made for us. It is not made with heart. Theories of the head, don’t think right now, feel. The system does not serve the people. We must create a new system. It will grow out of our very bones like a tree from concrete. Do not worry what the system will look like. It doesn’t need extensive city planning. This is a system written on our dna, there’s no need to worry that we’ve forgotten the way. Remember remember remember , remember remember remember.

There is no division, what happens over there happens here. What happens over there happens here, so stay clear of the atmosphere which induces us to think that only what we see is real, that there is an “away” that trash can go, that somehow, having Whatever it is we have right now is worth more than clean water, or clean air, or making sure people are feeling good. There are lies built into all of us and it’s our job to help each other remember. That is what remembering means, re-membering, a putting back together. What was once fractured, forgotten, dissolved and forsaken. You are remembered. You, on the street there in southern California, you in the back alley cutting your wrists for the pain, you drinking silently in secret, you burdened with so many responsibilities. It is time to re-member, these parts of ourselves too.

It’s all nice to be shiny on the surface, but these are our shadows that live in the dark. These are our parts so afraid to be seen, but that’s what they really need. So here is a flashlight, it’s solar powered from within, it’s not going to go out, so let’s begin.

We’ve got a culture, listen, put on hold whatever you’ve been told and hear your heart’s cry, it’s inside each of us… give it a try…..

Listen, from birth we are programmed from the start, for our cells to have an x y z to make it in society. It’s no ones fault, not your parents, no not theirs either, and nor yours, none.. the only fault you have is when you know what to do and don’t do it.. so keep looking now the light is shining bright… programmed from the start, from outside not encouraged toward the soul’s destination, which is oneness with all and true shining elation… but first we must see, see what is endarkened. No illusion here, perhaps the hardest part yet.


Growing up, doing everything to get along, fit in to get by… for this is the way to make ends meet, to fit in as you’re walking down the street. But! there comes a time when the soul calls so loud, everything besides is such a pain. Listening to that call, find the same message from all the spiritual greats.


Love, is the answer. Love is the answer. Oneness, shining from within. So simple, the mind will find a million duplicitous messages to distract from the simplicity of this answer. Yet, it remains. Love remains. Believe in your love; let nothing distract you. And that is All.