In the Wild… When Lynx Visits…

About a year ago, I was living on the side of a mountain in North Carolina, close to Roan Mountain, if you’re familiar. Here is the unfolding medicine that came to me… Lynx Medicine bridging what is- with what has been and what is to come. It is now a year later and I am still very grateful for this dream.

White lynx

Last night was the first time the white lynx with fangs like from a deep sea creature appeared in my dream. It was my birthdy and erin and mom and I and someone else I can’t remember were driving along something that looked like fall creek parkway (close to the house with stilts). I spotted a beautiful flower I didn’t recognize and sceamed for erin to pull over. She pulled off a very steep incline and everyone was mad at me for asking her to do this (when there was an easier pull off just 5 feet more forward). I got distracted as I looked at this flower (which was something like a lobelia, but had more flower heads and was bushier) as there were more flowers and then suddenly an ascending stone pathway. As I walked up, there was a mastadon tooth, it was huge. i thought, there were mastadon around here?!? It looked like some archaeologists were working along this pathway. The pathway was mostly clear & made of large stepping stones. A river flowed underneath it and ther was forest to either side.

As I progressed I had the feeling or I knew that I was in a story written by a girl with dark brown hair who was a little younger than me. This is what she had discovered, also by accident, off of the side of the road. This is what I had discovered when I wasn’t even looking for a path, I just followed my desire for beauty and came upon this path. The big stone pathway was not really grown over- it has moss here and there, but it seemed really nice, as if prepared for royalty, or at least made with great skill & intent. I saw something else as I walked up the path, fascinated. Maybe it was more flowers. But then I was taken aback by what I saw next.

It was a white lynx (that is the name it had in the dream, though it wasn’t really like a lynx that I know in real life). It was completely snowy white and had long, thin teeth like a deep see fish, the one with the lure that is really scary. But I wasn’t really scared upon seeing it (I wasn’t afraid in this dream at all); I was enamored. It stood there at the top of the rock path, completely white & athletic-looking. Its tail was a feathered plume and I could tell it was upset.

No one had seen this white lynx before, save maybe the brown haired girl and i. no one ever really wandered off-path. People destroyed the forests & made room for their homes & sports complexes, but the relationship people used to have with the forests, one of intimacy, imagination, discovery, connection & respect, were no longer. This was the reason the white lynx was disturbed. But he (yes the feeling was that it was a male) was still so regal, honorable. His presence was very strong, but he was so bothered at the disrespect shown to the area. The fact that no one was really enamored with it, as they rightfully should be- it being such a magical place & all.

All of this & it was in my backyard all along. So much rich magic, just there off the path. The brown haired girl had written a book about this encounter; it was fantasy, and that’s how I was perceiving it (but it was also very very real; as if I were there).

As I said, it was my birthday in the dream. The dream also included a rad sex party at an amazing multi-floor sex parlor.. repleat with so many rooms, so much to explore. I went to a private room exploring from a guy from Calgary whose penis stretched to his chin (his main penis, he had another thin one with a fat hard top that attched like a sea polyp with a thin base). I bragged about this as I came downstairs to the other girls who were at the party. I felt great. It was my birthday and it felt very very special. I had fun. I felt free. My imagination was soaring. The dream overall feels like a rebirth of my imagination, perhaps. Like characters, symbols, subject matter for my book are coming to greet me. I feel grounded & magical, like magical possibilities exist outside my back door & as if I am magical, full of magical possibilities. That, if I am present & step off trail a bit, I will see the things I need to see to be inspired to write about. And so change the world….

It felt like I was in the amazon this morning as I awoke.

This makes me feel like I have dropped down. Like I can interpret the magic of my hometown now because of my way of seeing.