poesy, prose, photography from wren

Welcome to my neck of the woods!

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I am a cyclical nomad with a huge heart for our larger body, Mother Earth. My partner, Ini, and I just became the caretakers of 18 acres in the Ozarks of Missouri. We’ve had these land dreams for a while, and are so excited to explode in matters large and small in inspiration, beauty, practicality, love, depth, and joy there. You’ll find much of my writing is from a heart space concerning matters spiritual, ecological, gender/sexuality based, as well as playful & fun peaks into deconstructing “the way things are.” Enjoy & please note:

all work is mine; please ask permission before using.

6 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks, Michael! I love the space you write from too. From a glance, it seems you have a valuable perspective that I will be reconnecting with! Blessings ❤

  1. Good morning, wren . . . lovely to connect with a fellow seeker and truthteller, a lover of living in freedom and authenticity. Thanks, too, for following my blog/website. All peace to you . . .

    • thanks Ellen! wonderful to connect with you, too; i’m happy to find your site! spaces where truth, peace & love are key are places i love to be 🙂 blessings ❤ wren

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