Shooting stars of consciousness

Catching sight of falling stars
Unawares as to when they come
The only remedy,
Remain vigilant for when they shoot
And know that they are bound to

Whirleds unfold before my eyes
There is the speaking come from
Wells of sadnesses and joys alike
And there is the speechlessness
From the well beyond
When not there I only want to speak about it
Cultivating it like the gardens my hands are in now
Keeping my eye on the sky for a shooting star of that caliber
When in sight I want to speak yet what can be said when everything is so majestic, isn’t it clear? Be ever watchful says the sage
And I take per at its word
Watching the night sky and patiently abiding the day

Tonight from Annie Besant

in Theosophy and Its Evidences,

“Again, in all religions “God” incarnates. Theosophy teaches of the “Pilgrim” incarnating throughout countless cycles, the divine entity which is the human Self learning its lessons of experience in the school of the universe.”

“This “pilgrimage of the Ego” is the central idea, so to speak, of Theosophy: this gaining of self-consciousness is the very object and outcome of the Universe: for this it was manifested, for this it exists, groaning and travailing in pain to perfect and bring forth the self-conscious spirit.”

“Theosophy regards the Universe as a transitory manifestation of Eternal Existence, the summer-day flower of an eternal unknown Root.”


Fiercely to love my own ilk + kin and in this included all ink from my pen

Long have I been a sty in my own eye
While sharing all first fruits with my brethren

What’s first needed at the core
to love what’s in store
Let me begin
to be my best friend

questions I’ve carried

It is in the spaces
Through which the presence speaks, in the evening, especially, its hideout leaks into the subterfuge of human habitation whispers in footsteps into my room
is without emotion
Yet ushers in rare elation
What is this presence which beckons a fright, tho when fright is looked for none can be found What is this beaming at the top of my crown
Who am I anyway
In this body, in this time, one of a kind
What am I doing here
And who sent me
Who rent me from this union with sweet nectar I sip even now yet with some pain felt lower down

Is this remnant I feel karma
Did I send myself

The earth realm is grand they say so much to sip and see, to smell all day Is my home truly without form
Where do we go when we die
And from where did we come to be born


The questions on the previous page being me some pain What is the true disparity by which I am plagued What does it all mean
And what’s it all for
Manifestations of the One swirling for fun?
If it’s such a game, why all the sadnesses and pain? Why the separation and injustice?!? It seems problematic the Us and the Them
yet who programs the media to serve whose righteous end?
Whose benefitting, these profiteers of the land
And what’s to be done
There seems a magic running through it all And in the end, it’s all dying What’s all the matter about in the meantime

I don’t think I can answer this in a rhyme


is a thing not sold in stores

not to be looked after or worked for

it can’t be stolen and, contrary to popular belief,
can’t be earned

peace can be learned, yet not duplicated

for it is found in the remains
after houses get cleaned
it is the invisible
of presence
by which it is gleaned

Handmade life

Bill is coming to the good life center in June to share about his life and thought.

This quote on the back of his book speaks to me,

I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.

As does this one,

The main thrust of my work is not simple living- not yurt design, not social change, although each of these is important and receives large blocks of my time. But they are not central. My central concern is encouragement- encouraging people to seek, to experiment, to plan, to create, and to dream. If enough people do this we will find a better way.

Wm S Coperthwaite, aka Bill, built the wooden yurt here on the back of the property at Helen’s request after Scott died. I have yet to read this book in its entirety, The Handmade Life, yet am already sufficiently excited about this little gem which is beautiful as a tree is unique and beautiful and important in its essence and message.

Peter Forbes in the foreword writes,

Bill and these four miles of coastline have gently shaped one another in a relationship that has lasted forty years, in which an enduring quality of care and attention has made him and the wilds inseparable. They live together.

Treasure trove before us

Imagine the earth is a big treasure chest containing everything we need to live vibrant, whole, healthful, expansive, healing, connected lives.

Imagine that each plant, every tree, the waters and lands that surround us and all of our animal kin are all magical portals to greater life, understanding, connection, wholeness, beauty, joy and wisdom.

Imagine the human species walking, as one, along the face of the earth in communion with the things encountered here. Envision us, envision yourself seeing everything as sacred, full of magic and powerful.

If we open our eyes, we see that this is true.

Yet humans, based on varying myths we’ve concocted and passed down through the years have come to think that our civilizations and its cultures are the be all end alls of existence, that they will save us, heal us, bring us more or better life. That extra terrestrial, heavenly gods will save us, heal us, bring us more or better life, now or in some hereafter. I’m not denying that the stars and extra sensory beings can’t enhance our lives.

I am asserting that we have a veritable treasure trove ever before us in the bounty of the earth, if we only look and see with a little creativity.

The Joys of Being Materialistic

Tonight is a time for absolute joy and thanks giving
I got to share holy basil, Tulsi, tea with three people today, who hadn’t met her before
That’s delightfully unique,
One of them said and we all agreed.

Tulsi, for those of you who don’t know, is a holy plant in India, an adaptogen (targets any stressors in the body and aids those systems), and one of my personal favorites. A plant I think is helping to save the world (along with nettles, Jerusalem Artichokes, kale and yams). Because of its holy status in India (the plant is revered as a literal embodied goddess),
I have heard this plant mentioned when people talk about Martin Buber’s I-Thou philosophy, essentially a circuitous way to say Namaste to another entity, to sacralize all things through our way of perceiving.

I had some wonderful visitors today and got to mow the lawn, which was challenging as I started off with an old fashioned push- mower and seeing how the grass is long, dandelioned, and wet (another day of rain here, folks!), that was quite challenging. We also have a nice what looks like European gas-powered model on deck, so I donned some ear muffs and vroomed around, making sure to leave patches of wildflowers and herbs and puddles.

I am seeking a bath right now, it’s been many days, and although I am enchanted by my own smell, some warm inundation sounds awfully nice.

And sparking conversations today. Exactly what I envisioned as I decided to take this role here at forest farm. My friend Jennings, a youthful inventor and illustrator many times my age, joined me this morning for tea and breakfast and chatter about hot button issues. One cool thing about Jennings is that he is creating some multi use tractors that are also road safe and can run on veggie oil (well, this is my request). He’s outfitting them so they’re easy to maintain/fix by those of us without mechanical skillz and to be as multi purpose as they can get. Today I ventured the thought that Ini and I can ride around in one in October with our pendulums, dowsing maps along the way as we search for a place to land and cocreate.

Two other guests from New York also ventured by for some ultimately invigorating conversation. I am amazed by the alignment in the universe, how all parts are moving and weaving and feeding one another. It’s like this mutual eating that souls do, where one provides the fodder, the other the empty cup and rotating they go, and then switch dance roles either with each other or get a new partner.

From this encounter I am inspired to write more, with intention, and to continue sharing from the heart.

Some favorite lines from Rilke are coming to mind

You, sent out beyond your recall,
Go to the limits of your longing
Embody me

Flare up like a flame
and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.
Don’t let yourself lose me.

there is this unity I long for and an effervescence of the shimmering moments when we are truly alive. One visitor told me that eventually we reach times where we can live in this state, really not requiring food but living on pure prana.

A friend yesterday wrote, God let me be one of you

And it set me aflame again.

There is the desire and then the union of being a self and then cracking open in service to the whole, of being a self and then a whole self, a self of the whole.

As Jennings and I were coming up with slogans earlier for an image he wants to make viral, kind of like a modern day peace sign, but more concerned with the health of the earth and the role we play, This one crossed our foreground:

We are the earth, let’s speak up for ourself.

It has many times been said that we are the hands of the earth, and literally this is true. As we eat earth to sustain our bodies, what are we but the part of the earth with human hands and features. Terrestrial we are. And as one of the visitors from New York mentioned a writer he likes challenges that we are not materialistic enough- we are consumptive, yes, but to be truly , literally materialistic we would care a great deal more for our relationship with the material world of which we are inextricably a part.

I’m hoping the water heater has decided to work now. Reflections?

Channeling puffball wisdom in resistance to the mainstream

Juliette de Bairacli Levy in her book on herbs, Common Herbs for Natural Health writes of the puffball, clavatia species, when the mushrooms are crushed and applied to wounds, they check excessive bleeding and promote healing. Use when ripe, with clouds of black or brown spores for these are the active part. She learned this from the Manouche Gypsies of Alsace-Lorraine, a former French territory usurped by Germany in the early 1900s. Levy spent many years of her life as a gypsy herbalist traveling the world. One of the head people at Mountain Rose Herbs recently died who also traveled as an herbalist, getting to know plants all over the world and how they have been used in relationship with humans over time. I think I’d like to do this, too.

Scott Nearing, in his later years in response to a young graduating girl describing herself in a letter as “free at last” wrote to her,

“‘Free’ in this connection is rhetorical- nothing more. After graduation you will be at the mercy of
1. Your physical hungers, your undisciplined mind, your vague aspirations and hopes. Above all, of your deeply embodied habit patterns which are yours and yours alone, and very tyrannical.
2. The frantic, hysterical pressures and counter-pressures of a social order in its death agonies.
3. The embracing and unfolding forces and influences of nature- of the universe of which you are a part.

Unless you can be at peace with yourself, adjusted to the community and in balance with nature you will have a rough, unhappy and unrewarding life. You are free within physical limits: you can raise or not raise your own arm. But where others are concerned, once involved in relationships with others, your every act affects them and their actions affect you. Realize you are part of all that goes on around you.” (From Loving and Leaving the Good Life, Helen Nearing.)

Scott was a truly remarkable thinker and acting idealist, and lives on through his writing. Sometimes his words are so stark, pointed and true I must laugh out loud. At one point early on in the aforementioned book, Helen is going on about how Scott was pinning her down from her reckless and naive life choices, pinning her down to her own spoken grounded desires that she was in fact not living but only professing on the surface.

The note to the young girl above really halted me this evening. I see myself and some very near statement I made in the past reflected there and his advice speaks to me pointedly. I think the past few months of committed meditation, reflection, time spent in nature, reading and study have significantly altered a lot of what he addresses in #1, yet how loudly these tyrannical habits call! It is amazing in the sweep of society and its pressures, in the mainstream so to say, how one organism, an individual human, can set a course for oneself and follow it, against all externalities.

I need to remind myself of the healing powers in puffball spores to continually return myself to the wonders of earth, to the wonders of true connection with real, living, worthwhile phenomena. It is so easy to get swept up in things outside of our mission, yet it is the steps taken toward fulfillment of our mission and alignment with the whole which brings deep satisfaction.