fallen rising now

an early call out from the center of the world
(do not forsake yourself
(do not betray yourself

we, each of us, are tempted by this call

(listen to that own great voice from within
(it will not lead you astray
and out, into the world, we are all pulled and following
this trajectory of our limitless desire like a golden 
thread, find home again in the midst of even a thousand travesties
what is within us is the strongest thing we have hardly yet seen
what is within us cannot be broken even if it meets the shattering again
and again, we fall yet, arising from within it all, we arise again
stronger now, listening now, hungry now to follow our own glorious call
let anger and sorrow move through you like birds in flight
or crawl mud slogging like the earth worm trailing bright
earth angels we are all called from within to know this fight
we battle ourselves, against our own good night 
we battle ourselves against this, our own good night
(enemies all within
and this is how the world ends, as the poet says
II this is how the world begins II with this, our own golden thread //

What are your thoughts?

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