Full Super Moon Spiritual Revelations

The spirit world is not separate from “our world”, the world we perceive with our eyes and experience with our senses, think about with our minds and feel with our hearts. The spirit world is not some great hereafter. The spirit world is now, coexisting with our present world.

The energy of the full super moon has been revelatory, releasing, ramping. I feel as if lifetimes are able to be released. Fogginess has been pierced with insight. Manifestations feel strong, as if the energy of the full moon is supporting them in their nascent state toward fulfillment. 

One thing especially “on me” this full moon is the presence of the unseen realms. For years now I’ve been experiencing this more often. Tonight I realized that it is sufficiently a part of my “everyday” reality. Spirituality isn’t something that is “sometimes” a part of my reality or allocated to certain places or times. It is part & parcel of my perception, as real as what is seen. Perhaps even more real?

I see the spiritual realm as informing this one. It is not a place to escape to, but a place to learn from, to receive teachings & to share. It brings a wider perspective & vision. It teaches me that there is no precious hereafter to wait for, to yearn for. It teaches me to embody this hereafter now. To bring a little more heaven into earth. This is essentially what spirituality means to me in connecting with things unseen. 

What are your thoughts?

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