witches’ medicine & the allopathic brotherhood

herstory .. how did medical profession get to be the way it is nowadays. 

last night i was doing research & came across the most ugly MDs with nary an open vesicle in their minds for other methods of training or healing. as a culture, we know the history very well. for those of us raised in the church, we know the fear of witches & irrational magic very well. 

i first read this little book (posted below) by Barbara Ehrenreich back in college. as i stumbled on these ugly champions of science last night (if you want the link, it is here: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/naturopathic-medicine-week-2013/), i have to wonder: why the hateful vigilance, the namecalling, the horrible closemindedness & shutting down?…

mainstream medicine dominates the cultural consciousness. if someone says I’m going to the doctor; most will think of an MD. and why, with this suppressed herstory uncovered, we can understand more of the path we’ve culturally taken to get where we are today. 

but there is a need for change. most are dissatisfied with the medical profession in some way. i am not bashing it totally; certainly it has its life-saving tendencies as well! but for prevention-based medicine; healing instead of fixing or taking the magic pill cure (with all of its side effects), the current medical paradigm is a long way off. 

i have just begun to connect the dots, really. as i look at the options to join an existing body of health practitioners (like the NDs), be an herbalist or have some other self-created offering, i see how psychically everything is controlled by the mainstream media influence. i see this as something to understand and to face instead of cowering or throwing in the towel. but i have to understand it better to be able to stand against it. because it has a plan; it’s been here for a while and it has “won” over the years through shaming others who would try to practice, causing fear in the populace and creating a “god” out of science. 

i have laid in crystal beds that did me more good than anything else at the time- this isn’t scientifically proven yet, but i don’t need a study to tell me what i feel. i take herbs for rejuvenation, prevention and to supplement by body in specific ways. i do not want to take a pill every day of my life for my hormone imbalance, and i’m still trying to find a natural remedy that works for this. the mainstream medicine needs to open its head and its heart (great article on how this is happening:http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/18/medicines-search-for-meaning/?_r=0). the customers, in the end, will determine which ways the industry flows. and, based on the current flow, we can see the NDs, holistic medicine, alternative healthcare practitioners, etc are on the rise. people are looking for alternatives to the game of allopathic medicine. they are looking to truly heal, to be cared for, heard and given a multitude of options without tons of side effects. that’s good news. 

here’s more of herstory!

overview of the book:

great pdf collection, including the book & others: 


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