i can’t see it any other way; presence in the face of patriarchy

i know intimately the pain of my previous journey,
being raised within the walls of that house in the suburbs

everywhere the buzz of modern appliance
outside at all hours a lawn mower
reinstating the call of grass monopoly monoculture

a purist’s vision in the suburbs
the call and response of control
domination, lording over nature

“the earth is yours and everything in it”
hand in hand with the Christian Mainstream Liberation Front

From pursuit to control
the fear of life force energy affronting
the god of security,

at the hull
listen for man’s beckon call & demand

it’s no wonder i craved and ached inside these 4 walls,
a child stricken from within with what i would call the ache of modern illness

the insistence of man’s righthood about everything

but people been living here for thousands of years, millions perhaps
and now we’ve refined our control tendencies

you wouldn’t even know nature existed unless we made spaces for it,
parks and sanctuaries
limited to their 1/2 acre, 20 acre plot of land

and isn’t this the American dream? the dream of modern man?
no, nature’s been subjugated under the fearful gaze of men

who werent loved as children
who then hated themselves and had no love for anyone else
who needed to be mothered until death by caring silenced slave wives

the patriarchy is dying but it’s not dead yet
try to tell me differently and i see that you’re a part of the problem

One thought on “i can’t see it any other way; presence in the face of patriarchy

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