a rewilding response of balance to the insistence of neither beyond nor behind

and in response to this

i know too, i have seen and witnessed first hand
living without the “things of modern man” 

the refrigerator, dish washer, hauling water’s not all it’s cut out to be
living in a life behind “the times”, what is called the post-industry
faction of our humans lives

but still i can’t see where we went wrong
and exactly how is the best way to live now

cuz living off-the-grid is not all it’s cracked up to be
running hot water, these all blessings of the modern amenity

yet pollution in our streams, toxins in our detergents
we humans have a calling; i can hear it, it’s urgent!

i know the pain of my upbringing, being raised in the suburbs
i’ve gone around the world witnessing shacks, tents, sleeping on the sidewalks

and i know going back’s not the answer either,
but what are we to do when we’re trapped within neither?

something in between is rising now
something of balance
something, somehow



What are your thoughts?

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