is there a way to be lost if you’re on a wandering way?

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.
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When was the last time I got lost? What do you mean, spirituality? Figuratively? Physically, like the other day in the car? 

 There are many ways to “get lost”. I find that my life is an exercise in finding & losing: my ideas of myself, my footing, my way, the path – however one wants to talk about it.

When I rode my bicycle from LA up the west coast, I left without maps. Now granted I had an iphone at the time and the route is pretty simple, ride up the 101 or 1 and try to keep the ocean in view. Ahhh, the ocean, that beautiful compass; that healing, expansive, terrifying mother.

Along the way people gave me maps. I still got lost. And, then, I was never really lost (in that terrible panicky, achy, horrible way); for my journey was not so much about “getting somewhere”, as it was about “enjoying the journey” and “being on it”. That was enough. 

This was the supreme gift of this trip & the lesson it still reverberates into my life: am I perceiving my path as a journey or heading toward some destination?

Taking small steps, how can I plan for anything? Is there a way to be un-lost? Or is lost only a matter when you’re trying to get somewhere? Will I wander my whole life long? Is that wrong? Or is that truly the way? How can I know the way anyway?

How easy it is to get lost in a sea of questions, and then take oneself out again with a realization that it’s all about orientation. Being lost is only possible if you think there’s somewhere else to be other than where one is right now. Spirit path always reorients & takes right where one needs to be. In time, in time; patiently.

What are your thoughts?

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