where the wild mind settles

great insights for the day from the make believe boutique ❤

Make Believe Boutique


The beauty you see in me
is a reflection of you.

finding a quiet moment can be daunting……and allowing the mind to settle is almost impossible most days…..but being aware of this is quite doable and calming and validating and grounding….it calls us to where we are…..without judgment and excuses…..this is life….sweet and wild and challenging…..

The human mind has a tendency to make everything it takes up more complicated and elaborate than it needs to be. You may have noticed this. The Buddhists even have a word for it, papanca, which means something like mental proliferation.

Meditation moves us in the other direction. It is an attempt to remove, piece by piece, layer by layer, all of the baroque ornamentation with which we embellish our world of constructed experience. Underneath all the drama, the restlessness, the hopes and fears, behind the narratives we weave about ourselves, and even…

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