New blog : Natural Healing Tinea Versicolor

hey friends! i’ve started a new blog today & made my first post.

~ ~

for three years now i’ve had a little rash (composed of a fungus ~ tinea versicolor~ which exists on all of our skins, but which can get out of control on some skins & be annoying and sometimes unsightly or itchy!). there’s not a lot of clear data on the internet for how to use natural / home remedies to remedy or prevent it (and conclusive research is that it’s impossible to prevent! what?! i’m going to try to see if i can disprove that one!).

a lot of sites will say, “you can use this or that (insert natural remedy),” but don’t give real data on if it works or how to use it. so i’m creating a blog where i experiment with what works for me & this information will be shared to benefit other people. perhaps you have tinea versicolor pop up on your skin in the summertime or know someone who does – what has worked for you?

i hope you’ll come over & visit my blog or share it with a friend who would do well to connect with it/me. it’s a very common skin infection; you may be surprised! thanks! ❤ wren


New blog : Natural Healing Tinea Versicolor

What are your thoughts?

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