sex me again

ass if … that title needs more to get your attention! hahaha~

thanks for the inspiration, daily post!

If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?


it’s about time i get back to writing about sex. the word conjures up unfathomable images into countless minds, bodies, hearts, beings. sex. an activity different than all the rest. sex. an activity possibly outside of time & space. sex. a first word that as a kid that i would look up in the back of school textbooks, notice within last names (sexton; giggle!) & hardly say out loud in my conservative upbringing.

but as i grow in age, years .. no, moss hasn’t started forming on the tip of my nose yet! .. and experience, i find that sex, this so mysterious, so miraculous, so fucking mundane it’s magical! activity is one of my favorite activities that i go back to again and again.

last night there was sex in my dream… with a stranger from calgary. his primary penis (i know, he had more than one!) reached to his chin (guess that means he’s potent?!) and his second penis (i know, it gets weirder!) was like a sea-polyp with a fat, hard head and a thin, grass-like base. the stranger sex was exhilarating and when i met up with my main partner again in the dream, i told him it wasn’t that bad that i had done that (primarily without talking with him first!) and likened it to eating different varieties of cherry tomatoes as compared to whole, big tomatoes! hah! as if that makes sense…

this week i’ve had a lot of sex! and i love it! my partner and i are still learning how to please one another better, continually experimenting in our own ways … because i love him so much, sex takes on something beyond just the physical. it turns into a spiritual/ sacred act for us. there’s no special ritual for this, but the connection between us catapults us into a loving, sacred connection nevertheless. and it’s been like this since the first few times we had sex. i remember one of the first times we both shot out laughing in ecstasy after we climaxed, brains cleaned, energy bodies refreshed.

now it’s not always like this (just in case you got really jealous there 😉 , but who’s comparing?! i hope you have some good sex in your life too!). and sometimes we don’t even climax … which is really nice as putting too much pressure on that end-goal every time can get boring, repetitive, or take me out of the moment too much.

yet in thinking over the past week, one thing that stands out is the great sex we’ve had. i finish feeling warm (love all those hormones!) … a warm feeling all over, in my body & in my spirit … more connected to myself, my body, my partner … i love sex! 

what about you? what are some of your favorite things/ feelings about sex?


2 thoughts on “sex me again

  1. Here is my story sexy lady …. I have fallen in love twice but never had the best sex with those men …. I have a friend that I recently fell in love with …. Remember the guy that diverted me from Costa Rica if I told u that story at Cal Earrh …

    I made a joke that I lost my true virginity at 50 because the combination of my love for him and his maturity, intelligence, kindness, etc…. Took me places I had never gone.

    I have not shared what I will say now with anyone yet but one day the lovemaking was so off the charts healing that after dressing as we reunited for our day he stood before me and said let’s consider this state of consciousness that we birthed each other into this morning as “base camp”. … To remember and return to as life’s daily events ( such as WIFI ) can take us out of this state.

    Enjoy your gifts your discoveries and your beloved 🙂 !



    • thanks for your really beautiful sharing !!!! love that idea of “base camp” …. love-making as a portal to other states of consciousness.. lol losing your true virginity at 50! love it! ❤ xoxoxo

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