knowing the hidden things

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We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

Today’s twist: Write this post in a distinct style from your own.


knowing too much. hearing your (thoughts). hi, nice to meet you. (well aren’t you sure hot, i’d love to bang you.) stammers, hey, how you doin’? … and then the time came when the risk was greater to remain in the bud … than to bloom. can i hear people’s (thoughts)? whose (thoughts) are they, mine or yours? a rising between us? fodder for healing?
(I feel like she is disrespecting me, but I won’t say anything; I’ll just keep smiling.)
Yeah, good to see you! (Boy, I really want to get out of here; this conversation is boring!) 
(I really hate myself! God, I am so ugly & imperfect.)
for some time now I’ve been questioning what the voices were in my head. when i’d get around someone old or someone new, new thoughts would enter my brain. thoughts i usually don’t have when i’m alone. is an extra sensory perception growing from within me? i’m afraid of knowing everyone’s thoughts. some, i just plain don’t want to know!
fear. lust. anger. jealousy. lying. cheating. hiding. thoughts of mal-intent faked by a smile. thoughts of inadequacy. thoughts of difference, otherness & being “better than”. Sex sex sex sex. fear. lying. rage. tumult. opinion. greed. the desire to know. nervousness. bigotry. judgment.
and also
love. joy. acceptance. gratitude. greatness of being. generosity. kindness. beneficial intention. dreams. beauty. love love love love….
i hear all of these things. i can sense your thoughts/feelings, and i am still growing into this perception. no, it’s not a “worst fear”, but the newness of coming into this perception is scary and brings up feelings of fear in my body. i can witness the fear as it moves through in big trembling winds. and passes. as the fear passes, as it always does, and i remain, cultivating love, breathing & growing in understanding of this growing perception. hell, it’s even scary to write about this; to disclose this. but it’s okay. i can learn how to use this in the best way. in fact, i already know how – i’m relearning how to best use my powers. and this one: knowing the hidden things. and treating them with care. myself with care. & with love.

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