the turtle in my pocket. less than an ounce of home.

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip?

I have been walking for months. I am like the peace pilgrim, who only wears her long smock with the words peace pilgrim written on the back. i have no food, no water, no water carrier & no bed stuff. i rely on the generosity of others for my food, my water, my bed. i am like a wandering monk or a spirit wafting in the wind. i have nothing but my body, my smile, my well-wishes.

ok, that is a lie. i do have something beyond my cassock. it is a small remnant of a treasure that reminds me of home, of the place that is the dearest to my heart. it is my ounce of home.

when i was in college, i met a person who was to change my life forever. if you’ve read or watched nausicaa of the valley of the wind– he was master yupa to my nausicaa. he touched my heart. forever. he is my spiritual father, my friend, a soul-mate. i am his turtle daughter.

and this is the secret to the treasure in my pocket, the only belonging i take with me as i journey. it is a small turtle the size of a thumb nail that he had given me one summer as we stood in his driveway. when i finger it as i walk or when i put it out on my altar each morning as i pray for the day, i remember this wonderful soul whom i share so much love with. i feel love fill my heart in its soft rosy billowing & i give thanks for the magic between humans. i give thanks, for though we are far apart, i feel as though we are together. i feel like i am home.

story thanks to this dailypost prompt



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