the pink lady slipper

i came back for you, pink lady slipper.

you were the fairest thing to me on the walk that day. we passed you on the path. there were 4 of you under a fallen log on the trail. you were growing, half hidden there in the shade of that large trunk and when my eye caught you, i felt that i had been given a great gift.

so i came back for you, to closely take in your beauty. to let the simple act of being in your presence nourish me, remind me, inform me. of the beauty that cannot be “had” or “taken” for truly, you exist & enrich my life in your existence. what if every child felt the same?

you are good enough as you are, child. nothing you need. everything you already be. go be.

these are the things flowers teach me. in their fine detail. in their wild, unabashed beauty. perhaps no one will see them as long as they exist, but they go on being (beautiful, wild, unabashed) just the same.


the pink lady slipper

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