an old poem written in the month of may years ago : on forgiveness


For to give
For tu nate

A natal disposition
Tuning into mission

And for giving

 so for tunes
To dance 

Writing from the heart is one of those things
When writing from the heart I don’t give a fuck what you think
There’s no outside seeking
when birthed from an inner feeling
when truth speaks there’s no need
for sideline squeaks
the girls got it in her back pocket
releasing all like a rocket
about to take off
ya heard
here’s the word straight from the source
be done with fear

forgive all

dance in the joyous celebration of life

throw off those fetters like you know how to

cast fear far from you

and chuckle like your brains melting from the heat of the center of the universe

don’t listen to anything I say

stop right now and go into your inner array

that’s the only way

to know 


What are your thoughts?

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