turn off the tv, go look at a flower & dig deep in your soul!

consumer culture would threaten to ruin the world. too many people sitting back and watching everything unfold before them and say, well, what’s to do about it? too many unlived dreams. too many untried tries & loads of us thinking about what to buy next in order to keep up the facade of being “good enough” or “in” instead of touching the world. this action effectively destroys our souls.

too many words unsaid for fear & hesitancy & not knowing “the right” thing to say. sometimes there is a right thing. sometimes we just have to say & do something. now is that time. we have to love the earth, she is our mother & she’s not really hard to love folks. she is soooo terribly beautiful it breaks me sometimes.

turn off the tv- it is feeding lies programmed from people not in our best interest. how plainly can i speak? but these things are hard to say. i’m afraid to be judged. but this is the truth that i see. how can i not say anything and let it all float by? peaceful zen yogi beyond the world? it is not all light all the time. i am in the world damnit and i care! we go into the darkness and fumble around and touch on the hidden treasures and then we are richer. where are the ones willing to do the soul-work? the hard work – of facing ourselves (shadows & brilliancies alike), communicating (saying the hard things to say), of digging really deep to get those treasures in the dark….


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