i am the author-ity of my life

writing til all the fear leaves my body
and i feel free to be here
to walk freely
in being me
whatever it is i want to be

why is it i never felt a right
to be in my own skin
let this be the first day of many
breathing deep
wherein i begin

as my own authority
a past coach in my dream
last night, eye looking her
in the eye & not looking down
whereas before she was able to
dictate my every move
no one holds power over me
i am the author-ity of my life

words people may share
ways people may misunderstand
i cannot revert & digress my stand
for fear of harm from another hand
i wont play it stupid
but i been hiding for too long
parts of myself that wouldn’t
go along with the throng or wondering
what so and so may think of this part of me

as if it’s not spiritual enough or i’m
outdated… but what’s funny is that
i’m here right now, and that’s all i can
ever be. i don’t care if someone else got
done with something early
and i’m just doing it now. i’m doing it now.
i am the author-ity of my life
and no one can take that from me

i stand here & let that wild raging
part of me take the stage
whereas before maybe i played it small
left to other people my fate to befall
but here i am and i stand
in my power
in my voice
in la voz
do no harm
make no pause
in living the wildest most true and fearless verson of me i can be


What are your thoughts?

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