he dreams of water

he dreams of water

we are left then with what we all have been given
dreams of concrete walls plastered over 40 hour a week jobs
and he dreams of water

and says, this is our first step: water

in a world where water is our liquid jewel truly,
yet unprotected, water, our bodies our lakes our oceans
rivers streams puddles tears rain drops
down to non-important on the national registry

where war receives the most attention in the GDP
tell me, for some rodents, i mean humans
in a concrete box with nary any space for gardening
working 40 or more hours a week so that they can eat

how is that we’re supposed to live in these conditions
when water, our bodies, our earth, are so low on the totem
pole of importance, receiving little or no attention
cuz what’s pressing is the money-making, not the

which, as i said, is liquid treasury, for those who have eyes to see
and truly, for all of us, cuz as the ancient poet said, you can’t
eat money

so when he dreams of water and says, this is our first priority
i believe him
cuz i feel it too


What are your thoughts?

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