creativity-on-the-go; creative inspiration

i got this cute white vest jacket from the bins at a good-will outlet. that place is awesome (they’re all over- find the one near you!) and offers clothing-by-the-pound- I think it’s under $3… so, Ini and I were traveling down the coast from BC, hitchiking, stopping at friend’s, I had to get medical care, etc. Our destination was LA- to fly out of- to get to Peru. but we had a lot of fun and did creative things along the way. For example, this jacket. I got this jacket at the good will and painted this passion-flower on the back. i bought the jacket knowing I would want to paint Something on it! and as I was walking my bike through the Ballard Locks in Seattle, I spotted this Gorgeous passion flower!! I wore the jacket a few times on the trip and then in a town in Northern California, Ini and I left a bag of clothing, including this vest in a bag in front of a church. I hope someone enjoys this creative gift! I love leaving gifts places, what about you? Have you tried leaving secret gifts for people to find?


creativity-on-the-go; creative inspiration

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