Making your own Sprouted Sunflower Seed Cheese

sprouted seed cheese with delicious salad

sprouted seed cheese with delicious salad

My partner Ini makes wonderful & diverse kitchen creations. This one is so yummy & unique. The full recipe can be found here. I wanted to share it with you all! Here’s a blurb about the benefits:

Sprouting and fermenting may be two of the easiest at home ways to improve digestibility, bio-availibility and optimizing nutrition of the foods we nourish ourselves with. Sprouting removes phytic acid which blocks absorption of minerals while increasing enzymic activity and improves the capacity for the body to use the nutrients by waking them up from a slumber.
Fermentation takes this break down further and adds a probitic community to further pre-digestion and supports our gastro-intestinal health. There our endless various on these themes, but here is a simple recipe for one of my favorite kitchen crafted creations: sprouted sunflower seed cheese! It offers great amounts of highly digestible fat, substantial vitamin E,  a host of B vitamins  (B1, B3 and B6) and bioavailable minerals such as manganese and selenium.
If you’ve never sprouted or fermented anything before, this would be a good place to start. This is a quick recipe, yields consistent results and doesn’t require any extra knowledge or specialized equipment.  If any step towards health is to be effective, it must be something that integrates easily into our lives. 

What are your thoughts?

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