human relationships with plants & crystals

smokey quartz from peru

smokey quartz from peru

crystals have increasingly gained attention as miraculous healers. they can be “programmed” (meaning to insert ideas/energy into their vibrational field that they will carry with them and disperse wherever they go) for healing, inspiration, strength, wisdom, you name it. while in peru, i met an indigenous healing woman who planted programmed quartz pieces of all sizes beneath her blueberry bushes. she asked that pachamama would empower the crystals to bring her plants wonderful energy. she referred to quartz as helping humanity remember ancient truths about our being here that we have forgotten. in my experience, i agree with this as i’ve had numerous encounters with crystals that leave my old mindset hanging in mid-air, left behind as it were. being in relation to and setting intention with crystals, quartz specifically, has sped up and supported me healing in many ways. yet, i don’t write this article to simply focus on quartz. it’s plants i want to focus on tonight.

to put it bluntly, i feel called to write about human relationship with plants. this can be a somewhat taboo subject given the nature of criminalization laws and stereotypes about people who form relationships with plants, but i have something to say: developing relationships with plants has helped me heal in so many ways. i believe my relationships with plants have helped me become more… me. plants have helped me see a larger perspective on me being here. i am talking about plants ingested in ceremonial manners, as well as developing relationships with garden plants or forest species. i have written in the past about experiences with the ceremonial healing plant, ayahuasca, in peru, which i waited many years to ingest after first learning about it. to me, ayahuasca is one of our great grandmothers as far as plant-human relationships go. as humans, our perspective about what it means to be present and living on this earth can be limited. ayahuasca is the big momma on helping us see our relationship with earth & far into the galaxies.

salvia divinorum leaf from a start i made (i no longer have these plants in my possession- they've slowly been criminalized state by state)

salvia divinorum leaf cutting from a start from a friend (i no longer have these plants in my possession- they’ve slowly been criminalized state by state over the past few years)


i have also had periods in my life where my being was greatly influenced by salvia divinorum, the diviner’s herb (yes, it does aid in divination/psychic awareness/spirit world encounters/higher being connection) from Oaxaca, Mexico. for nearly a year i ingested this plant about 3x a week. i no longer need to/feel called to do this, but for that period in my life, there was a space for such a relationship with salvia (yes, in the same family as your garden sage). there have been other plant teachers/relationships, but i will save those for other articles to be written. one more before i go: holy basil, which i have written a brief piece on here, has also been an amazing ally in my life. known as an adaptogen in medical terms, i, too, find that holy basil or tulsi radically balances my entire system ~ spiritual, mental, emotional, physical~ she calms me down and reminds me of beauty, my own, hers and in the world. in fact, i love her so much, i’ve started growing about 50 plants of tulsi this season so far. i love to be around her, share her with friends & harvest and dry the leaves for tea and tinctures.

this is one of many posts about my experiences with plants & things i’ve learned along the way. it’s high time i started to tell of my experiences with these wonderful, often-mistunderstood or overlooked beings we have here within our terrestrial family. it may take an open mind to take the first step, but i’ve found, as with many things once we get out of our own heads/out of our own way, the steps forward come back to us pretty naturally. with plants i reckon that’s because humans have always had relationships with plants. we evolved in relation with plants and there are a lot of human cultures which still honor plants in ceremonial, sacred and shamanic contexts. i love that plants, however controversial, are stepping back into the limelight in their relationship with humans. it is complex, as with anything, to navigate into the unknown waters of relationships which are outside of the scope of the norm, but, as i said earlier, i know i am who i am today in part because of my relationships with plants.


What are your thoughts?

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