Choosing Dreams

i wrote this over a year and a half ago on a solo bike trip up and down the NW coast.. still rings so true today! living out dreams one step at a time ❤


When I finally learned in this lifetime the level of my greatness…

Now, on a hill in Portland near amanita muscaria

…That it is on par with the great leaders I’ve come across already in this lifetime
They are many and in my dancing with them I have been empowered, drawn mysteriously, intimidated, challenged, fucked, loved, inspired, healed, helped, recognized, seen

These are my mirrors, simultaneously lovable, intimidating- yet, if fear is turned on its side, it is seen as a fire and fire Kindles, fire sparks, fire burns away all that isn’t fire until only fire remains

Fire is a catalyzing agent, fire gets things moving, some people can walk calmly on coals, yet most jump at fire

Fire burns and the wind which brings fire is spirit, Divine Inspiration in its truest form

In choosing to accept these mirrors, the fire turns from in-timidation to empowerment. In seeing…

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