declaration of interdependence

with my visions in my back pocket, i pilgrim-wren set off again on the unfolding journey of inner sight expanded into outward being
with my guides & ancestors next to me, i pilgrim-wren set off again on the courageous expanse of being a person-with-a-heart worthy-of-respect, free to take a stand
with so much hope & love & light & all the tools i gained in those dark nights, i pilgrim-wren set off again to create in joy, in passion, in flexibility and in centeredness & love
i pilgrim-wren vow to dare again & again to be the best me i can be whenever i can be it
to grow continually even in the midst of fear
breathing deeply
to say the things i need to hear
even when people cross-me
i vow, in the ancient rule, harm none & do as ye will
and hope that these actions like magma can spill & en-lighten dusty-rock-particle sand into living breathing enlivened stands where humans can and do dream again
i pilgrim-wren am a work-in-progress already perfectly-imperfect shining example of a human doing-it-in-the-moment, learning the whole way from day to day, digging deep for treasure embodying spiritual essence into form & reform… into form again.


declaration of interdependence

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