questions I’ve carried

It is in the spaces
Through which the presence speaks, in the evening, especially, its hideout leaks into the subterfuge of human habitation whispers in footsteps into my room
is without emotion
Yet ushers in rare elation
What is this presence which beckons a fright, tho when fright is looked for none can be found What is this beaming at the top of my crown
Who am I anyway
In this body, in this time, one of a kind
What am I doing here
And who sent me
Who rent me from this union with sweet nectar I sip even now yet with some pain felt lower down

Is this remnant I feel karma
Did I send myself

The earth realm is grand they say so much to sip and see, to smell all day Is my home truly without form
Where do we go when we die
And from where did we come to be born


What are your thoughts?

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