Treasure trove before us

Imagine the earth is a big treasure chest containing everything we need to live vibrant, whole, healthful, expansive, healing, connected lives.

Imagine that each plant, every tree, the waters and lands that surround us and all of our animal kin are all magical portals to greater life, understanding, connection, wholeness, beauty, joy and wisdom.

Imagine the human species walking, as one, along the face of the earth in communion with the things encountered here. Envision us, envision yourself seeing everything as sacred, full of magic and powerful.

If we open our eyes, we see that this is true.

Yet humans, based on varying myths we’ve concocted and passed down through the years have come to think that our civilizations and its cultures are the be all end alls of existence, that they will save us, heal us, bring us more or better life. That extra terrestrial, heavenly gods will save us, heal us, bring us more or better life, now or in some hereafter. I’m not denying that the stars and extra sensory beings can’t enhance our lives.

I am asserting that we have a veritable treasure trove ever before us in the bounty of the earth, if we only look and see with a little creativity.


What are your thoughts?

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