Handmade life

Bill is coming to the good life center in June to share about his life and thought.

This quote on the back of his book speaks to me,

I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.

As does this one,

The main thrust of my work is not simple living- not yurt design, not social change, although each of these is important and receives large blocks of my time. But they are not central. My central concern is encouragement- encouraging people to seek, to experiment, to plan, to create, and to dream. If enough people do this we will find a better way.

Wm S Coperthwaite, aka Bill, built the wooden yurt here on the back of the property at Helen’s request after Scott died. I have yet to read this book in its entirety, The Handmade Life, yet am already sufficiently excited about this little gem which is beautiful as a tree is unique and beautiful and important in its essence and message.

Peter Forbes in the foreword writes,

Bill and these four miles of coastline have gently shaped one another in a relationship that has lasted forty years, in which an enduring quality of care and attention has made him and the wilds inseparable. They live together.


What are your thoughts?

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