still, the same, remain

the flagstaff floor can be cold without foot stuffs and the fire is so warm

a carnelian stone graces the woolen pouch gifted by a guest today at Forest Farm

local radio tuning in, fire fire
crackle in

sprightly on your merry way
it all passes through
ocean fullness
the day is gay

“The way that I see it we’re all rainbow people
The way that I see it we’re shining with light”
Planting a garden, pushing a plow
Seeing that always the time is now
And it’s here with us
It’s time to sow, no one to do it for us
And time to be, all of the escapes
Are bearing their teeth

Finding my words written for myself alone
People unreactionary
I perceive myself as a revolutionary
Yet I don’t want to follow, I don’t want to lead
I want to consciously, cocreatively walk
In steed
With fellows and friends and a partner too
What’s a lonesome gal to do
Here under the trees and beside the see
Being all that she can be

And finding that lonesome may not be all it’s cracked up to be Perhaps I’ll leave it to Thoreau
And be more like Cocteau

Yet there’s hope in the old bird yet
Sucking the solitude for all that its worth
Finding the marrow everywhere
While courting rebirth

Sun and moon and stars, crickets and eagle’s wing
Humans are going to mars
And motherwort growing all the same
In the shade of eternity’s cleavage, jumping past the wide wide gate Catch a mouse in the morning
Drop it off roadside tomorrow
I hope it’s not too late

I write you dear friends, with lines on the sky
As I read before bed last night
“So speak as if the world entire were but a single ear intent on hearing what you say. And so in truth it is.”

I write here
I write for myself
I write for us all
I write for the One

How the details of each day
Yet mundane
Tell of eternity all the same


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