I wake to rain
To a deluge
Fervently tapping the tin roof
To an email from a friend confirming
The necessity in my writing
In writing what is tuff
The so called difficult
Turns out we must go here
To tap the soul

Snakes in my dream
Snakes of three
Snakes in a dream
Speak of fertility

The soul is a cultivated bed, a fertile field
Each thought a seed roughly sown
Soul, what a warm word, is the seat of emotions
The place where our beings are grown

I look at the world as a stage grown from our very souls
Inside us the blueprint rests, known to our hearts alone
Will we listen intimately as to dear kin
To the voice of the soul
Or leaky leaky squeaky squeaky abide the lips of the mirroring friends

I love you dear soul and I hear your pangs
All of your dreams are revealing
The solitude surfaces all divine truths
And disallows myselves of all familiar ruse!

Be one and be free and if yore not no worries
in time all water gets to the sea


One thought on “Avowed

  1. “…in time all water gets to the see.” my favorite. so eager and open to read more of your energies! xoxo, les.

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